58/38/4 Cotton Poly Span Single Jersey

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  • ITEM# :
  • YARN COUNT: 40'S/1+20D/SP
  • WIDTH: 61/63"
  • WEIGHT: 170GSM
  • DATE:
  • FILE#: FS-220218-005 W
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    Product features

    Jersey is plain knitted fabric, cloth surface is smooth, clear lines, fine texture, feel smooth, longitudinal, transverse has better extensibility, and transverse than longitudinal extensibility, moisture absorption and permeability is better, used for making various styles of undershirt and vest.

    Product usage

    Jerseyh is the most basic fabric in all large circular knitting fabrics. It can be used in spring and summer t-shirts, fashion, underwear in autumn and winter, sports and leisure knitted clothing, and can also be widely used in composite fabrics, clothing accessories and so on. It is the most common and widely used knitted fabric.

    Product technology

    According to the dyeing and finishing process, there are printed sweatshirts, plain sweatshirts and navy stripe sweatshirts.

    Cotton jersey is also called cotton jersey, cotton plain cloth, cotton single-sided cloth and so on. All-cotton jersey is a kind of basic weft knitted single-sided fabric which is composed of 100% cotton. What are the characteristics of cotton fabric? The usual characteristics of cotton fabric are: the cloth surface is smooth, clear lines, fine texture, feel smooth. The common cotton fabric organization is: cotton plain cloth, cotton cover cotton plain cloth, double yarn plain cloth, strand plain cloth, mercerized cotton plain cloth, cotton frame plain cloth, etc.. Technically, cotton spandex sweatshirts are not 100% cotton sweatshirts, as they contain about 5% spandex. Knitted cotton sweatcloth has the advantages of soft and comfortable, moisture absorption, so it is used to make close-fitting clothes, such as T-shirts, polo shirts, home clothes, bottom shirts, children's wear, underwear and underwear.
    Pure cotton refers to clothing, fabrics or other textiles containing 100% cotton. Sometimes also refers to the composition of fabric, pure cotton is 100% cotton so in the composition of fabric, cotton and cotton is no difference. This composition is relative to the whole polyester, polyester cotton, polyester and other cloth components. There are many variations in the composition of knitted fabrics. Sometimes names are simply called by ingredient to distinguish them. For example, pure cotton sweatcloth is composed of 100% cotton single-sided sweatcloth. Many T-shirts, underwear and home clothes are made of pure cotton sweatcloth. Its sweat absorption, permeability, skin-friendly and comfort are better. Other ingredients are pure polyester, polyester cotton, rayon, modal, tencel, gossypol, cotton blend and so on. So which good cotton jersey and pure cotton? There is no difference between the two ingredients from a fabric point of view. What is cotton jersey fabric? That is, pure cotton fabric, plain cotton cloth. Pure cotton and pure cotton are just two different names.

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