Why are spandex-containing fabrics prone to yellowing?

Spandex is a commonly used fiber variety in our life. The most prominent feature is good elasticity, and it has the advantages of low fineness, large elastic modulus (elongation at break can reach 400%-800%), and small specific gravity.
Spandex can be blended with wool, cotton, polyester, acrylic, viscose and other textile fibers, and the resulting fabric is soft, elastic, and comfortable to wear.
In clothing and intimate underwear, spandex fabrics are more popular among women because women's clothing has higher requirements for close-fitting.


For example: the most beloved female lace fabric (including spandex), wearing or placed for a long time, prone to yellowing phenomenon, what is the reason?  

Due to the large number of amino and other reactive groups on the molecular chain of spandex, it is easy to turn yellow in the process of high temperature setting or storage, which affects the finished products, especially the quality of fluorescent whitening fabric and light-colored fabric.  In order to improve the spinning performance of spandex, silicone lubricants and other additives are used in the weaving process.  These additives will naturally degrade over time and cause the fibers to turn yellow.  In addition, spandex itself is not easy to color, that is, conventional dyes can not make spandex color, so in the case of insufficient reduction cleaning after fabric dyeing, the so-called yellowing phenomenon will also occur.

Bestselling black spandex filament - liquid coloring technology  

Black spandex is widely used in garment fabrics. In recent years, the capacity of black spandex filament has been expanding and the product performance has been improving.  The black spandex filament spun directly through the special process of raw liquid coloring or online addition, not only has more uniform and durable black effect, higher color fastness and excellent water resistance, but also eliminates the fiber dyeing process, reduces energy consumption in the dyeing process and reduces environmental pollution.  

Post time: Jun-07-2022