64/33/3 Poly/cotton/span Boa

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  • ITEM# : FT-220305-1
  • YARN COUNT: CM40’S/1+PE75D/36F+SP40D+PE100D/144F
  • WIDTH: 58/60"
  • WEIGHT: 295GSM
  • COLOR:
  • DATE:
  • FILE#: FT-210505-001
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    BOA is generally by the surface layer, middle layer and inner layer to organize the structure, the surface layer is generally made of cotton, bamboo charcoal cotton, wool and other components woven, the middle layer is generally made of elastic spandex silk, the inner layer is made of 100% polyester fiber.

    Product usage

    BOA is a popular professional fabric for thermal underwear in the market at present. It is a knitted fabric with good thermal performance.The advantages are elasticity, good insulation, soft feel and snug.

    Lambhair itself is not a standard term, is the business used to call, the reason why called cashmere, because it is artificial cashmere, so called lambhair, not called lamb hair. Lamb wool is not as expensive as lamb wool, but it is as warm as lamb wool. So it is widely used in the clothing industry.

    First of all, understand the composition of lamb velvet fabric. The composition of lambhair fabric is not natural wool fiber, it is composed of chemical fiber, generally 70% polyester fiber and 30% acrylic fiber blend, in terms of its textile composition, lambhair fabric and pure natural cashmere fabric, very far apart.

    Then understand the characteristics of the lambskin fabric. The lamb down fabric has been specially treated to feel very soft and has good thermal performance. Because of the chemical fiber fabric, it is very easy to generate static electricity. Lamb wool is warp knitted at high speed, so the fabric breathability is very good, as well as good drape.

    Polyester fiber, commonly known as "dacron". It is a synthetic fiber derived from polyester spun by polycondensation of organic diacid and dialcohol, referred to as PET fiber, which is a polymer compound. Polyester fiber is the biggest advantage of wrinkle resistance and shape retention is very good, with high strength and elastic recovery ability. Its firm and durable, wrinkle - resistant, ironing, non - sticking hair.

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