95/5 Rayon Sp Mini Zurry for Underwear Bedding

Short Description:

  • COMP: 30'S/R+30D/SP
  • WIDTH: 61/63 "
  • WEIGHT: 230GSM
  • COLOR:
  • DATE:
  • FILE#: FS-210727-001
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    Product features

    MINI ZURRY Soft and comfortable texture, moderate thickness .
    It is a circular knitted fabric with circular piles on the back resembling fish scales; The front is smooth and can be printed on.

    Product usage

    MINI ZURR are mostly used for coats or baby clothes.

    Wool circle cloth refers to the knitted fabric covered by the circular yarn circle (also known as wool circle) on one side or both sides of the fabric. It is a kind of pattern knitted fabric. It is characterized by soft feel, solid texture, excellent water absorption and warmth retention.
    Loop fabric has single - sided loop fabric and double - sided loop fabric. The pattern effect can be formed if the circle is spread on the surface of knitted fabric according to certain rules. The knitted pile fabric can be obtained if the circle knitted fabric is cleaned after shearing and other things.
    Polyester filament, polyester/cotton blended yarn or polyamide silk as ground yarn, cotton yarn, acrylic fiber yarn, polyester/cotton blended yarn, acetic fiber yarn, gas spinning chemical fiber yarn as loop yarn.
    Single-sided terry cloth a knitted fabric with a loop of yarn standing up on one side of the fabric. It is composed of a plain needle coil and a wool coil with an elongated settling arc. Single-sided terry cloth feels soft, with outstanding extensibility, elasticity, wrinkle resistance, warmth and moisture absorption, often used in the manufacture of long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve shirts, suitable in late spring or early summer or early autumn wear, can also be used for sewing pajamas.
    There are also certain standards for cotton content in lap cloth. 100% cotton is a product with 100% cotton content, while polyester and cotton are mixed with polyester, and one is a product with 100% polyester. Terylene cotton adhesive clothing effect is better, but not suitable for allergic people. For children, cotton loops are fine.

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