55/45 cotton poly french terry

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  • ITEM# : FT-220103-8
  • WIDTH: 64/66”
  • WEIGHT: 235GSM
  • COLOR:
  • DATE:
  • FILE#: FS-210816-001 KN
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    Product features

    French Terry Soft and comfortable texture, moderate thickness .
    It is a circular knitted fabric with circular piles on the back resembling fish scales; The front is smooth and can be printed on.

    Product usage

    French Terry are mostly used for coats or baby clothes.

    Double-sided towelling a knitted fabric with circular loops standing on both sides of the fabric, usually consisting of a plain or ribbed coil of wool with an elongated settling arc. Double-sided terry cloth is solid and fluffy, with excellent warmth and moisture absorption. It can improve the appearance and use function of goods by cleaning up one or both sides of the cloth. Double-sided loops of fabric can be made into clothes that can be worn on both sides if they are composed of yarns of different colors or fibers. For example, the wool ring on one side of the body is composed of hydrophobic fiber yarn, and the wool ring on the other side is composed of hydrophilic fiber yarn, which can increase the comfort of wearing. This kind of fabric is suitable for making bathrobes, "dry" diapers, baby clothes, etc.
    Jacquard towelling is a cloth, usually single-sided, with the rims covered over the surface of the fabric according to the markings. Jacquard terry cloth is usually used to make underwear, outerwear and decorations.
    Lap cloth is divided into cotton and polyester cotton, the cotton content is 100%, while the cotton content is relatively low, and cotton products are not necessarily 100% cotton, containing 70% of the surface can be called pure cotton. The most common pattern of hoop cloth is the fish scale, which is made up of half circles that look like fish scales, and you can see this kind of cloth in hoodies.
    There are also certain standards for cotton content in lap cloth. 100% cotton is a product with 100% cotton content, while polyester and cotton are mixed with polyester, and one is a product with 100% polyester. Terylene cotton adhesive clothing effect is better, but not suitable for allergic people. For children, cotton loops are fine.

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