What is a knitted rib?

Rib. What is a knitted rib? Rib knitted fabric consists of a single yarn forming loops on the front and back in turn. Rib knitted fabric has the properties of plain weave fabric, such as dispersion, edge rolling and extension, but also has greater elasticity. It is often used for the collar edge and cuff of T-shirt, with good body closing effect and great elasticity (larger than the elasticity of cotton), mainly used for leisure style clothing. It is relative to plain weave, take socks to do it, the most common cotton socks are plain weave, the kind of strip protrusion like velvet is rib.


Rib weave is one of the basic weave of weft knitted fabric. It is composed of front coil longitudinal and back coil longitudinal in a certain form. Rib knitted fabric has greater elasticity and extensibility when it is stretched horizontally, so it is often used for inner coat products that need certain elasticity. The luster is brighter than pure cotton cloth, the cloth surface is smooth, and there is no yarn head or impurities. Feel smooth, crisp, better elasticity than pure cotton. After hand pinches cloth, loosen, crease is not obvious, and easy to restore original state. Such as elastic shirts, elastic vests, pullover cuffs, necklines and trousers, etc.

There are many complex tissues derived from rib tissue, mainly rib air layer tissue and dot texture. Rib air layer is composed of rib and needle. This kind of structure has the advantages of less lateral extension, better dimensional stability, thick, straight scraping and so on. Dot weave is composed of incomplete rib weave and incomplete plain needle weave. According to the configuration order of two kinds of coils in a complete organization, there are Swiss and French, etc. Swiss dot texture compact structure, small extensibility, good dimensional stability. Be able to bounce back slowly. The appearance has pure wool fabric style. The fabric texture is clear, smooth and smooth, and the feel is not as soft as the pure wool fabric, with a stiff and rough feeling. The French dot texture organization has the characteristics of clear longitudinal lines of the coil, full surface and large width. Both of these structures are widely used in the production of knitted outerwear.

Post time: Mar-18-2022