What is rib fabric What are the advantages and disadvantages of rib cloth

Rib fabric is a kind of knitted fabric, the fabric surface is rib, rib fabric type is more, common have 1 * 1 rib, 2 * 2 rib and 3 * 3 rib, etc., often deal with the rib fabric of cotton production of raw materials, chemical fiber type of rib fabric (polyester) in recent years are also gradually popular, of course, the purpose of the rib fabric is extremely widespread, Undergarments, T-shirts and hoodies can all be made with it. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of rib fabric.


Advantages of rib cloth:
Knitted cloth because the weave is very sex makes the cloth have good flexibility, so the rib fabric will have good flexibility, and made of very elastic fabric clothing has many advantages, one is the clothing can recover quickly after deformation, not easy wrinkle and crease, 2 it is this sense of clothing there won't be bound clothing close or outside is very comfortable.
Cotton for raw materials made of rib cloth will have a softer hand, of course, rib cloth cloth has a clear grain, its fabric is beautiful and easy to wear, so this kind of cloth is also favored by the designer of working clothes, in the shop can also see a variety of rib T-shirt, sweater products.
There is a fancy rib for moving coil rib, is to move the coil with moving coil needle to the adjacent wire trap into a circle, forming a coil skew at the same time, forming a small hole in the original coil position. You can move the ring through the computer to form the pattern of moving the ring.
Rib knitted fabric is a knitted fabric consisting of a single yarn arranged in a row of coils in sequence on the front side. Rib cloth is often used in the collar edge of t-shirts, cuffs, has a good body function, great elasticity, mainly used for leisure personality clothing. It is the basic structure of double-sided circular machine cloth, which is equipped with a certain proportion of front-side coil longitudinal and non-coil longitudinal. Common 1+1 rib (plain rib), 2+2 rib, spandex rib.

Post time: Mar-18-2022