The advantages and disadvantages of sweat cloth

Generally speaking, sweatcloth has more advantages than disadvantages and is one of the commonly used fabrics for four seasons clothing. The advantage of sweatcloth is that the fabric is light, comfortable and skin-friendly, and it is comfortable to wear. The fabric is composed of neatly arranged coils, resulting in good elasticity in both horizontal and vertical directions. The sweat cloth is usually woven from combed cotton and cotton blended yarns. The knitting yarn is usually with a little twist, so the texture is soft and comfortable. Sweat fabric has good air permeability and the gap between knitting coils is conducive to the elimination of sweat; Cotton material has natural water absorption, made of sweat cloth feel soft and skin-friendly, excellent sweat absorption; Polyester fabrics have the advantage of crisp and wrinkle-free, no ironing after washing. Disadvantages are easy to come loose, easy to hook silk, easy to roll the edge, large slope, large shrinkage rate.


Main uses of sweat cloth:
The advantages and disadvantages of sweatcloth are obvious. In the process of using sweatcloth to weave clothes, we should try to avoid the disadvantages of sweatcloth and make good use of the advantages of sweatcloth to make comfortable clothes in line with consumer needs. Sweatcloth is widely used in clothing. Almost men's clothing, women's clothing and children's clothing will take sweatcloth as the basic fabric. At present, it has been widely used in T-shirts, home wear, bottom shirts, polo shirts and underwear. However, each clothing brand has different requirements for the appearance and function of sweatcloth, and even different styles of clothing under the same brand have different requirements for sweatcloth. For example, men's T-shirts sweatcloth fabric requirements have a certain width, fabric can not be too soft, the surface should be clean; Women's T-shirts have certain requirements for softness and stylization; Children's clothing is environmental protection, safety, comfort, close to the skin.

Post time: Mar-18-2022